Every Child Has Incredible Potential

But what of life's road blocks?  Will that child have the emotional courage to navigate those challenges and stay on course to make his dreams come true? Or is that it? Game over.  Those roadblocks now define the child and shape the opinions of those around him?

But, what if?  What if a simple story could make a gigantic difference in a child's life? A story where each child could recognize himself within it. Stories that are funny.  Stories that inspire and create a path forward despite those childhood challenges.  And, most importantly, stories that spark conversations and develop the critical thinking and emotional intelligence necessary for children to make real life decisions. 

At Little Fire Press®, we are dedicated to creating such stories.   We are devoted to sparking those important conversations between a child and those that love him.  Certainly, an important quest to undertake. But what better reward than to help just one child find his own inner strength; to light that inner fire and realize his own powerful potential.